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A Comparison of EDSA I and EDSA II

My information about EDSA I are not 100% accurate since I have no personal experience about it.
I was too young (only six years old) when it happened.

     In EDSA  I, the people protested the massive election fraud during the Snap Presidential Elections held during the first week of February 1986.  Many supporters of Corazon Aquino were not able to vote because their names were allegedly deleted from the registered voter's list.  Members of the Commission on Election walked-out from their work because according to them, then president Ferdinand Marcos were forcing them to declare him the winner.

    In EDSA  II, the people protested the pro-Estrada senators' barring of a set of evidences that will convict the president in the on-going impeachment trial .  This is what the people claimed as "suppression of truth."  People of EDSA II have lost faith on the integrity of the impeachment court and are predicting an acquittal verdict by a majority of the senators.  The people then gathered in EDSA to continue the battle in the streets rather than in the court.

    EDSA I lasted for 5 days (February 21-25, 1986), while EDSA II lasted  for 4 days only (January 17-20, 2001).

    Ferdinand Marcos left Malacanang and went to Hawaii.  Estrada left the palace but stayed in the country.

    In both EDSA I and EDSA II, Jaime Cardinal Sin called on the people to gather at EDSA through Radio Veritas.

    There was no EDSA flyovers and EDSA Shrine yet during EDSA I.  These structures, including the "EDSA Monument" was called "Pamana ng 1986 EDSA People Power."

    There were no presence of tanks and heavily armed soldiers during EDSA II unlike EDSA I.  Both ended peacefully.

    People wore something yellow during EDSA I while something black during EDSA II.  Yellow symbolizes democracy which was being cried for in 1986 while Black was worn in 2001 because of the "death" of justice in the Impeachment trial.

    EDSA I was more of a solemn crusade, while EDSA II was more like a party.  Both were supported by the religious sectors.

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